Monday, September 13, 2010

Cloud City Coffee


This is the first post of what will probably end up being a series of sorts. I've become a frequenter of Cloud City, which is conveniently located 0.4 mi away from my house, according to Google Maps. They have tasty (and pretty!) coffee, a cheery crew of early-morning employees, and FANTASTIC nommage!

nommage ('nŏm əj), noun. Portions or selection of food to eat. (see also: snack, snackage, hors d'oeuvres, tapas)

They make all their own food there (except the doughnuts, which are from Mighty-O, and the bagels, the origin of which I'm unsure), which means that everything is FRESH and usually WARM in the morning.

They have a wide array of different kinds of quiche, assorted scones and muffins, and on occasion they will offer this magical little thing called an Oatmeal Cake.


When I first saw these in the bakery case, I was intrigued, confused, and a tad repulsed. What did they mean by "oatmeal cake?" It sounded squishy and bland to me...but that's probably just my bad past experiences with overcooked, soggy oatmeal talking. The first several times I saw it, I just stared it down (studiously, of course) through the glass before ultimately choosing another coffee accompaniment.

And then, when I decided I wanted to try it, it wasn't there...for a couple of weeks, I think. The first glorious rainy morning we had in September, though...there it was. All warm and gooey and cinnamon-y. The icing stuff has shredded coconut in it, like german chocolate cake frosting does. And it was so moist! And warm! And definitely NOT bland, thank goodness!

If ever you find yourself in this lovely little cafe, and happen to catch the eye of an Oatmeal Cake in the bakery case...go forth and nom, my friend! Do not yield to whatever resistance your inner oatmeal-hating child tries to press upon you! Nom, I say! Nom!


  1. And today shall be known, in the book of my life, when the word nommage entered my personal lexicon.

    It also has a secondary meaning: a really delicious wizard. Mostly used with the D&D BDSM crowd.

    Don't ask how I know this.

    But do ask how I know that Mighty-O are the only donuts which I don't meet with a look of scorn, followed by an unwavering refusal to send them an invitation to the dance. The dance with my teeth and gums.

    P.S. I had no idea you could write so entertainingly. And if I just made up a word there, it's because this article provided the inspiration. :)

  2. I love words with the last syllable of age...I also want some oatmeal cake RIGHT NOW.
    looking forward to most posts..don't let your blog get sog (gy) like mine that I get all enthusiastic about and then leave it to droop.
    love, tori