Thursday, September 9, 2010

Peaks Frozen Custard


Hello, my name is Bre, and I have a problem.

There I was, a day off of the ice cream truck, a world (or city, at least) of opportunity laid out in front of me, and I found myself being lured into a frozen custard shop. Seriously, Self? Do you really need to expend your free-time energies on MORE frozen confections?

Apparently so.

I've upheld a lifelong (and now professional) addiction partnership with ice cream, had many-a-rendezvous with gelato, and lead an on-again-off-again flirtation with sorbet. But this was my first meeting with frozen custard.

And what a first date! [/relationship-ice cream metaphor]

Srsly. It was ridiculously good. I got cookie dough in a hand-rolled waffle cone. The texture reminded me of soft serve, but was definitely its own thing. So smooth! And the cookie dough wasn't in little balls...but, rather, crumbles, I think. Which was also awesome.


AND, when I got to the bottom, there was chocolate!

...but not JUST chocolate...

0827001523.jpg was a malt ball! What an awesome idea for the bottom of the

Ok. Looking up Ice-Cream-aholics Anonymous gatherings NOW.

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